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Konseptisuunnittelu: NLUX STAY

CASE: country spa & resort grankulla

The bourgeois and industrialists of Pori built their first villas on the lands of the Yyteri manor in Pihlava in the 1850s. Built by Fredrik Wilhelm Rosenlew, Grankulla, the villas in all their beauty and originality provided a safe haven for busy city dwellers. 

The resort provides guests with a multi-sensory experience. By traversing though its lush gardens and tennis courts, one almost time travels through a nobleman's summer villa in the late 19th century. 

The once dilapidated villa was restored by two families and has since been a local, cultural gem. Thanks to the joint efforts of the residents, the area's attractiveness as a place to live and play has grown tremendously. 

The villa's beach area can be clearly classified as prime real estate. The area is a well-preserved and high-quality representation of the early villa culture in Finland.


With the approval of the plan for the Pihlava villa area, the development of a comprehensive and genuinely business-oriented tourist area were soon in the works. 

The confirmation of the plan has since helped to stabilise the area, and fears of expropriation in the 1980s and the image of dilapidated villas near landfills have disappeared. 

The strengths of the Yyteri area and the Kokemäenjoki River are key features of Satakunta's marketing efforts. 

The culture and history of the area are similarly strengths to be emphasised in the marketing of tourism in the area.

The Country Spa & Resort project has been developed from the idea of ​​building an urban rural spa in one of Finland's most attractive tourist centres. 

The goal was to find a new alternative, something that could stand alongside the hotel chains, giant-investment spa projects, traditional farm tourism, and conventional holiday accommodation. 


The owner's idea was to provide summer vacation housing for the nobles of the past. Guests would stay on in the villa but still enjoy standard hotel services. 

Though nothing new or revolutionary was invented, a culture of service was restored. This was a level of service that was already enjoyed by wealthy families at the turn of the century. For the domestic tourism market, the concept was a unique offering - a middle-ground between traditional hotel operations and cottage culture.


The calm and peace felt in the villa environment brings the much-needed counterbalance to hectic everyday life. You can relax by simply sitting in the silence, receiving pampering treatments, indulging in culinary delights or taking peaceful excursions in the surrounding nature. Each season provides guests a whole new atmosphere to explore. 

Silence and peace are best felt in the twilight of winter, when the villa, flooded with moonlight in the middle of white snow, creates a pensive setting.


This distinctive culture was productised for today's needs - the tradition of the nobles and industrial families of the past are now packaged as part of today's desire for well-being. An inspired service concept in the middle of a valuable cultural landscape.

Wellness has always been at the centre of every Finn's heart - our love for the sauna is a prime example of this. Sauna culture is exemplifies values of peace, moderation and the balance of mind and body. We want to restore this image that has been slowly eroded over time. We want to capitalise on its existing potential and renew it with our fresh perspective. 


Customer Feedback

‘In Grankulla, time stops and stress melts away. The whole body and mind is able to relax. ”

‘A dignified and peaceful place where I would hope my loved ones will get to experience luxury at least once.’

‘Lovely and idyllic. Perfect for pampering and peace of mind! Beauty for the eyes and the soul. ”

‘Non-mainstream, elegant ideas and implementations for any celebration. A wonderful experience as a whole. ”


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