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Concept Design: NLUX EVENTS

CASe Takapihalla HÄÄKUVAUS

Wedding Dress: Heidi Tuisku COLLECTIONS

Photo: Viivi / Takapihalla Hääkuvaus



Styling: Marika Goman / Northern Luxury Consulting

Location: Hahkiala Manor


Takapihalla required styling assistance for a bridal photography session. NLUX helped them find a suitable filming location - Hahkiala Manor. The NLUX team also designed table settings and still-life arrangements, provided the bridal bouquets and hair ornaments, and acquired a model for the session. 


‘Many couples dream of wedding day with smaller groups a relaxed atmosphere with no stress at all. However, they are sometimes afraid to organise the wedding of their dreams because there is so much pressure to have big, traditional weddings. During wedding planning, there may be many assumptions and demands from others about how you should organise your own wedding day. It can bring pressure, guilt and uncertainty.

 However, we believe you have every freedom to make this day uniquely yours and invite only the people you really want to be there. How liberating when you don’t have to fit into other peoples' mold!’

Susanna and Viivi, entrepreneurs, Takapihalla Hääkuvaus

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