A few years ago, when I moved from the south to my roots in Konttajärvi, I had a secret dream. To spread the same disease to these daughters of mine as I have to these northern worms.

I think that nature will do the job here all by itself. And if one day our baby birds open their own wings and go on their own adventures, I believe that they will always have a strange kind of polte in their bellies. I miss these landscapes.

'I only came here for a visit, but once you get a taste of life here, you can't get away from it.

 Nature offers such experiences around here that you can't get bored.'

Someone might just be a little bit of a buzzkill because I always carry a camera around my neck, but I'm not that kind of guy. At night, I'll go to the mansion to gaze at the moon, the stars or the northern lights - not to mention the summer birds! 

Son that time is pretty wild here in the Arctic Circle. Sometimes the wings are on the ground and sometimes it stops the bird. In the summer you don't need a clock - it's not even night time! In November and December the day doesn't even start again because it's already over.

Made in Lapland

And even though it's the cleanest weather in the world, yet here the spirit is sometimes in danger of dying.

 From the cow's nest.


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