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Nordic luxury is authentic and original

A pioneer of new luxury

NLUX is a lifestyle brand, business network and travel business developer focused on Nordic luxury. 


NLUX is nominated as Business Partner of the Year 2023 in the Finnish Travel Gala

Founded in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, we are now nominated for Business Partner of the Year in the Finnish Travel Gala. We are very proud and delighted that our small company is being recognised for the interdisciplinary and national work we are doing to turn rural development into a luxury brand. Our NLUX Friends network is more than a customer relationship - it's a love of the same values and way of doing business. 

We are indescribably grateful for the support we have received!

You can vote for Business Partner of the Year here.


NLUX CEO Hanna Kallioniemi is nominated for the Finnish Travel Gala's Tourism Influencer of the Year 2023

We were delighted to receive another nomination. Our CEO Hanna Kallioniemi has been nominated for Tourism Influencer of the Year. This is a remarkable achievement considering that Hanna only moved to study tourism at the beginning of 2019 after a 20-year IT career. 

The other nominees in this category are either well-known public figures or long-standing tourism professionals working in Finland's largest tourism organisations. 

For our two-woman team, these two nominations are a victory in themselves and confirm our belief that we are doing things in a new and holistic way. Thank you to all those who voted for us in advance! 

You can vote for the Tourism Influencer of the Year here.


National HAMA projects

2023 has been a significant year for our company. Although our vision has been big from the start, our small size has meant that we have not been able to attract significant funding for our tourism development work. A welcome exception has been the funding awarded in autumn 2022 by the Lapland ELY Centre for the national HAMA projects, in which we have been able to participate as a service provider. These projects have been exactly what we have been looking for in Finnish tourism. 

Projects focusing on food and nature tourism and fishing and hunting tourism have provided a platform for more extensive development work than normal. 

We would like to thank the following projects for their interesting projects and wish you good luck and success in the future: Taste of Original Lapland, Skärimat, Lapland Fishing Tourism Internationalisation Project, Visit Ranua and Visit Parainen.

The cornerstones of NLUX's business

NLUX Northern Luxury Collection presents under its umbrella brand authentic and original destinations, products and services in an easy to buy and consume format for those seeking a Nordic lifestyle. We want to offer the traveller the opportunity to experience Nordic luxury in its most authentic form, rooted in nature.

We offer original tasting tours, cultural, historical and scenic routes. We want to create more experiential than observational tourism, understanding, feeling and insight rather than observation. We are for the traveller.

NLUX Friends is our membership service, where we invite Nordic luxury travel gems to join us. The entrepreneurs in our network are building a new concept of luxury with their own personalities and skills, and their world is a meeting point for aesthetic beauty, craftsmanship, tradition, a Nordic lifestyle close to nature, food made from high quality ingredients and quality services. Our entrepreneurs have enduring values and a high level of quality.

NLUX Agency helps international tour operators find hidden gems and acts as a representative of small tourism companies. Most of today's tourists tread the same paths, often finding it difficult to enter the reality around them. We want to offer a selection that introduces the traveller to the simplicity and beauty of the Nordic countries in the most natural way possible.


 NLUX Studio - the heart of service

At the core of Northern Luxury Consulting's business is the commercialisation of the Finnish countryside and raising the aesthetic and functional level of tourist destinations to an attractive option for international tourists seeking ecology and luxury from nature. Quality-conscious consumers who value individual luxury are constantly looking for more personalised alternatives and traditional big hotel chains do not meet the criteria of this target group.

NLUX Studio offers concept and interior design, styling services and a wide range of visual storytelling tools to service and tourism companies that focus on quality and a high level of customer experience. 

Our ready-to-use service concepts and the NLUX Concept Handbook we developed speed up and streamline development, providing an idea bank based on global best practices and making it easy to build a wow effect that exceeds customer expectations. 

We appreciate your service. Let your customers fall in love. 


Welcome to enjoy Nordic luxury!

Marika & Hanna

Marika's dream



"I've always loved creating 'worlds' - mood boards and dream maps. Gluing and cutting - connecting and assembling. I'm delighted to find that it's become my work too. 

I see the world around me in colours and moods, in small details and moments of beauty that I don't have time to capture. But most of them end up on the NLUX website and on the web. 

Before that, they are planning meetings with the client, thinking about the right photographer because everyone has their own strengths. Outlining the mood you want to achieve, picking up tipples and cups - flowers and decorations, miles on the road, shooting arrangements, locations, briefing partners, planning the models and clothing needed, styling the space, suggestions for products, food and drink. Finding the right props for your shoot is not easy, but finding the perfect one is a wonderful search. 

Whether it's a vintage heirloom on your cupboard shelf or a loan from an antique dealer, a fur vest handmade by a local shepherd or a fish lovingly smoked by a fisherman in the morning, a loaf of bread baked or a genuine honeycomb hand-chopped.

It's all about being in the moment, diving into your own flow space and capturing all the beauty - what's most valuable are partners who see the same and appreciate your upfront work.  

It creates something unique every time as long as the eye sees what the heart feels. I love my work, if you can call it work." 




Marika Goman, visionaire and creative director

A warm-hearted service provider

We help our clients to find their own direction, visual identity and heart of their business.

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