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Eye food for all the senses

FINE FINLAND - a country full of the unexpected
Aho & Aho Publishers

40 €

Finnishness does not fit under a Scandinavian or Baltic heading. Recently, we have surprisingly excelled in the world's happiness statistics. The question may be that the worst misfortunes are still fresh in our minds.

Viola Minerva Virtamo

28 €

Sauna is an enchanting, highly visual journey into the atmosphere of Finnish saunas. Viola Minerva Virtamo's rich photographs and the stories written by Liisa Talvitie and Heli Thorén combine to create a comprehensive description of the essence of the sauna.

Feel good with sauna - Saunafullness

Carita Harju

36 €

The book introduces a new wellness method related to the Finnish sauna. You will get new information about the sauna, different ways to take a sauna, sauna tips and inspiration. Did you know that regular sauna bathing helps your heart, blood vessels, brain and skin?


Holistic well-being from the forest

Handmade and local

For information:

Handmade serving platter
24 €

Hand stitched 70 cm long tray.

Reindeer hut
129 €

Handmade reindeer meat from Raattama.

Handwoven wool socks
54 €

Handwoven Northern Luxury Collection wool socks.