Anu Nylund

Forest of Love

The story of the Love Forest started in March 2016, on World Forest Day, on a run in a forest in southern Finland. Before starting the run, I had read news reports about love locks and the problems they cause in European cities. While running, I wondered what would be an ecological alternative to locks, since we want to show love and leave a memory of it.

Nature is the main attraction of Finnish tourism and our relationship with nature is special. We want to protect nature and do good.


'We believe in dreams! The Forest of Love is a dream that I invite you to join us in making come true! 

Together, let's make the Forest of Love a global community that unites conservation and love of nature. We plant trees of love and grow the Forest of Love.'

The idea of a Love Forest has evolved into a universal way of showing love: the Love Tree is a symbol of love and can be planted either in forests specifically designated as Love Forests or in any area where it is allowed. It is up to the person planting the tree to define the object of love and the symbolic tree; it can be another person, a pet or even nature itself.

The Forest of Love grows in different parts of Finland and around the world - wherever the trees of Love grow. Love Forests bring people together and the stories of the trees live on as beautiful memories.

Plant the Tree of Love

Planting a Tree of Love is an environmental act, but the real important environmental act is to donate funds for nature conservation. 

The story of the tree is recorded on a Love Forest certificate and for each certificate a donation is made to help protect evergreen forests and restore peatlands.

The Tree of Love is a symbol of love. The planting of the tree can be illustrated and the growth of the tree can be followed. From the Tree of Love grows the story of love. However, a tree always grows on nature's terms and sometimes the life span of a tree can be short - we have to accept that.

Planting a Tree of Love is an environmental act, but the real significant environmental act is to donate funds to nature conservation, in Finland by making a donation to the Natural Heritage Foundation, which invests donations in the protection of evergreen forests and the restoration of bogs.

The Love Forest concept combines love and nature conservation, planting Love Trees, growing the Love Forest and supporting nature conservation.


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