Forest Fairytale

On the lands of the forest fairy

The soft colours of the forest, the silent shadows and the wind humming in the canopy soothe the mind. Nature's aesthetic soothes the busy everyday life and takes the fairy on a journey to the soft mosses and crunching autumn leaves.

Fairy on the mountain path power poem

Written by Sari/Runotalo


Tuulonen lightly waved
the little fairy
golden hair
as she walked
on the windy
golden path

the path meandered and
went through the mountains

the mountains were
at this time of year
quite bare
there wasn't much
plants in sight
it had become a time of
introspection and

Each tree greeted the fairy
as she walked along the path
the wind seemed
to help her in her steps
the steps were light today
and on her feet
were beautiful little slippers
with these
silvery jingling tassels

With every step
those tiu'ut were ringing
and the fairy felt
how there was power in them
that power was born from the earth
it was born from the mountain
where the fairy walked

The fairy felt
how his fingertips
that mountain
that land
which was finally
part of a larger whole
part of the vast mother earth
on whose surface the fairy
was allowed to live and walk

The fairy's path
meandered and glittered
it went through the mountains
and the fairy thought that
he had no goal today
no destination
nothing like
what he should aim for
or where he should go
and that's why his way was
so particularly light

He knew
that he should
walk and look
curiously ahead
to see
what was around the next bend
what the next path would bring
and when the crossroads
came he would listen to his heart
and choose
where the path would continue

The fairy path
was exactly the same
as the human path

in dream worlds, man walked
in the same mountains
on the same paths
and picked up a lot of
guidance and wisdom on his journey

man's mind was lightened
and his heart
was like the heart of a fairy
and on his feet
were the same silver tiu'ut
that fluttered in his steps
even the next day



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