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Forest Fairytale

In the Presence of a Forest Fairy

The rich colours of the forest, the quiet shadows of the trees, and the gentle breeze come together to soothe the mind. Nature washes away the bustle and stress of everyday life and takes you on a journey deeper into the woods. You delve into the soft moss and nestle into the fallen autumn leaves.

A Fairy on Mountain Trails

Written by: Sari/Runotalo


The wind waved lightly
a little fairy
with golden hair
as she stepped
into the breeze
on the golden path

The path meandered as
she walked along the mountains

In the mountains
this time of year
it was revealed that
there were hardly any plants
to be seen
they had begun to
turn inwards
for this time of silence

Every tree greeted the fairy
as she pursued the path forward
the wind seemed
to lighten her pace;
her steps were today were weightless
and on her fairy feet
were beautiful little slippers
which had
jingling bells at their tips

Every step of the way
both jingling bells
and fairy
knew how they
had the power,
the force born on
the hill where the fairy passed

The fairy felt
her fingertips
were connected to
that mountain
which lay in that land
that was eventually
part of a larger
vaster motherland
on which the fairy
was able to live and walk upon.

The fairy's path
twisted and glistened,
and it went through the mountains
the fairy thought that
she did not
have any destination today
there was nothing she thought
she should aspire to
nor any specific place she should reach
and, therefore
her journey
was especially effortless

She knew
it would
be worthwhile for her to explore
to look around curiously
and look at
what would be around the next bend,
what the next path would lead to,
and when she was faced
with an intersection
she would listen to his heart and choose
where her path would continue

The fairy's path
was quite similar
to the human path

In the dream world, a person walked
in the same mountains
on the same paths
and picked up a lot of
guidance and wisdom from there

Man's mind lightened
and his heart
was just like a fairy's heart
and his legs
had similar silvery
magic that gleamed in his steps
the next day



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