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Step into a Pastel-coloured Winter Wonderland

Fall in love with soft, gentle pink tones

The Beauty of Kaamos



When the light fades below the horizon, the snow-covered forests of Lapland are eclipsed in blue as the northern lights dance in the darkness.

The pastel shades in the sky darken and lighten as they move through the night.

Another name for Kaamos is polar night. However, there is almost no darkness. Though the sun does not rise, it shines on the upper parts of the atmosphere, scattering light north of the Arctic Circle. 

These echoes of the sun are reflected in the clouds and illuminates the pristine snow below. The sky is light with beautiful, gentle shades of pink, turquoise, purple and orange.

 In the day time, the whole landscape is bathed in the blue twilight. At night, the moonlight and the northern lights twinkle above.


NLUX Brand photo


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