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A House filled with Stories


 Langin Kauppahuone offers stories and experiences from a time when sailing ships used to pass through in Raahe  

The experiential 19th-century café-restaurant, shop and inn continue the traditional operation of the merchant's house, which is more than 200 years old. Visitors can experience stories about the historical figures who had lived in the merchant's house long before.

We have stories and history incorporated into everything: from a piece of cake to the smallest detail of the interior design. They create real depth to the overnight experience. 

And we also have stories based on real-life historical figures! Meet them as you traverse through Lang’s story and see what kind of stories they tell about the course of life in the 19th century – all with the help of augmented reality.

7 unique rooms, each telling the story of the life of its original inhabitant.

Historical tours, adventure dinners, yoga, stories and more.

Our café serves delicacies all year round and our banquet facilities are suitable for dinners, weddings and family celebrations.

Our sauna is also suitable larger groups and there is a meeting room in connection with the dressing room.

1 hour from Oulu, 7 hours from Helsinki.

”Pooki flakkaa! Nyt pooki flakkaa!”

Näin kuultiin muuanna kesäpäivänä huudettavan pienessä Raahessa, kellotapulista vai mistä lienee ääni ensin lähtenyt. Ja suuri humaus kävi yli koko kaupungin.

– Pooki flakkaa… pooki flakkaa… pooki flakkaa! kiiri iloiten kadulta kadulle, lensi avonaisesta ikkunasta ja hypähteli yli aidan pihamaalta toiselle pihalle. Kuin suuren iloisen juhla-aaton henki puhaltui koko kaupunkiin, Katinhäntää, Nätterporia ja Paavonperän mäkeä myöten. Kansa kiirehti kaduille, juoksi rantaankin:

– Flakkaako pooki?

Ote teoksesta Wanha Raahe (1925), Samuli Paulaharju


Experiences are made to be discovered and life is meant to be enjoyed. Below you will find the best tips on what the area has to offer, from food experiences to shopping.


Delicious food from the house's own kitchen. From the beginning of history, the food and pastries served in the trading room are made in our own kitchen, mainly from local ingredients.

The house's own recipe book contains traditional festive and party dishes from the 19th century. We are happy to compile menu options for parties and events. The café’s pastries are baked daily in the same kitchen, from which the house’s traditional pastries as well as contemporary fashion bakeries are served. 


Stories and experiences from the time of sailing ships! Experience Lang’s unique tale with a cup of coffee, a party or a trip to the sauna. 

Dive deeper into the house's 19th century stories with the Time Travel by Lang app, or immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of an imperial visit and solve a 200-year-old assassination project at the Mystery Dinner in honour of Emperor Alexander I. Experience Lang's story with all your heart!


When you step into the sauna, forget about hurry, stress, chores and busy schedules. Pamper yourself with the warmth of a steam bath and wander through the lives of those who had lived in the historic courtyard. The captain's sauna is a traditional wooden sauna in Wanha Raahe.

As you step into the sauna of this historic courtyard, you will be transported into the 19th century. The large, log-walled sauna is heated by trees. The benches are aspen and carved by hand.



Our shop offers treasures from the ships that have come from distant lands, as well as the skilful work of local craftsmen. The store's product range is compiled based on Lang's sailing ship's bill of lading from the 1870s. From this list, we have imported small batches of delicacies and other products from the very port cities that the merchant's ship had once visited.

Of course, the store's selection also includes local products such as books and handicrafts. We hope to highlight the work of small manufacturers and creators. These handicraftsmen played an important role in the life of a sea town as early as the 19th century.



The Langin Kauppahuone has been restored to its 19th-century appearance. Each room transports you to an era of enterprising merchants and sailing ships. 


There is also an experiential café in Lang’s courtyard, known for its delectable cake selection. In addition to its sweet desserts, the house’s own kitchen also prepares lunch and savoury snacks on weekdays.

The everyday life of the Langin Kauppahuone is run by barracks, maids and shopgirls under the direction of the lady, and the lively buzz fills the historic building.  


In Wanha Raahe, you step into the heart of history. Authentic stories come to life in a historic setting in the Langin Kauppahuone, which you will explore on a guided tour. 

You can even pick up some lovely gifts on the same trip. In connection with the café, you will find a unique boutique where you can find the most wonderful gifts made by local artisans from Raahe and from Lang's Kauppahuone's own product range.


As you step into the sauna of this historic courtyard, you will be transported into the 19th century. The large, log-walled sauna is heated by trees. The benches are aspen and carved by hand.


Experience Lang’s unique tale with a cup of coffee, a party or a trip to the sauna. 

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