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What is Nordic Luxury?

 Nordic luxury is a holistic concept, an experience for all the senses. 

Luxury to us is paying attention to all the small details; how a linen tablecloth feels draped over a table, how wood lightly crackles in the fireplace, how a freshly heated smoke sauna smells on a warm summer evening, and so on.

NLUX Northern Luxury in summary

NLUX Northern Luxury Collection introduces authentic accommodations, unique experiences, nature retreats and artisanal products under one umbrella brand. Our idea of 'luxury' emanates from authenticity, nature and extraordinary experiences; rather than from overly commercialised destinations and thoughtless extravagance.

We value traditions, nature, and cultural values. The Nordic spirit and the heart of each destination or region are the driving forces of our work. We pride ourselves on the outstanding level of quality and service provided to our customers.

Do you passions and values align with ours?

You are a Hidden Gem in the Finnish Tourism Industry

You are genuine and original. 

You conduct your business sustainably while ensuring top quality.

Your work features aesthetic beauty, craftsmanship, tradition, food made from high-quality raw materials, quality services, and authentic experiences.


You represent Nordic Luxury

NLUX Northern Luxury is a network, platform and holistic lifestyle brand that brings together items, products and services that exude Nordic character. We offer consumers the opportunity to experience Nordic Luxury all through one consolidated platform.

We aim to bring together hidden gems under an easily identifiable, unified brand so that the whole world can enjoy and appreciate our unique lifestyle.

We hope you will join us in crafting an international success story.


We want to uncover your Hidden Gem

We are looking for individuals who are genuine, authentic, and passionate to join our network.

We are looking for those with a heart for service. 


Contact us and let's have a chat!

With love, 

Hanna & Marika

Welcome to the NLUX Friends Network

NLUX Friends

Kokoamme yhteen samanhenkisiä yrittäjiä jakamaan kehitysideoita ja ajatuksia. Verkostomme kautta yrittäjillä on mahdollista löytää omille tuotteilleen uusia jakelukanavia, kumppaneita sekä kehittää uutta liiketoimintaa.

NLUX Studio

Kehitämme pienyrittäjien visuaalista viestintää, brändiä, tuotteita (STAY, EAT, DO, RELAX, SHOP, EVENTS) sekä tunnettuutta NLUX Concept Handbookin sekä luovan alan ammattilaisista koostuvan allianssiverkostomme avulla.

NLUX Agency

Edustamme verkostomme yrityksiä myyntitilaisuuksissa, rakennamme valikoitujen kotimaisten matkatoimistoiden kanssa kattavia matkapaketteja sekä tarjoamme ulkomaalaisille matkanjärjestäjille mielekkään tavan löytää tasalaatuisia kohteita vaativille asiakasryhmille.

NLUX Collection

Esittelemme kuluttajille kokonaisvaltaista pohjoismaisen elämäntyylin kokemusta sekä ostettavien tuotteiden, elämysten, ruuan ja matkakohteiden muodossa. Alustamme toimii inspiraation lähteenä ennen matkaa, matkan aikana sekä matkan jälkeen.


We present Nordic luxury under a unified brand, connect people to places, products and services that match their lifestyle, as well as redefine the consumer travel experience.


Our mission is to engage with small businesses, nurture the cultural heritage of Finland and preserve the vitality of the countryside.


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