What is Nordic luxury?

 Nordic luxury is about experiencing a destination holistically with all your senses. 

Luxury is about paying attention to the little details; the feel of a linen tablecloth on the table, the crackle of wood in the fireplace and the smell of fresh sauna smoke on the terrace of a smoke sauna on a hot summer evening.

NLUX Northern Luxury in brief

NLUX Northern Luxury is a holistic lifestyle brand that combines aesthetic beauty, Nordic lifestyle, craftsmanship, food made from high quality ingredients and quality services.

We value traditions and natural and cultural values. Nordic origin, history and spirit of place are the mainstays. Our passion for service and quality is reflected in the aesthetic experience of our customers.

Do your values and passions align with ours?

You are one of the pearls of Finnish tourism

You are genuine and original. 

Your values are sustainable and your quality is top-notch.

In the world you build, aesthetic beauty, craftsmanship, tradition, a Nordic lifestyle close to nature, food made from high quality ingredients and quality services come together.


You represent Nordic luxury

NLUX Northern Luxury is a network, a platform and a holistic lifestyle brand that brings together destinations, products and services that exude Nordic aesthetics and offers consumers the opportunity to buy a whole lifestyle under one roof.

We want to bring together the hidden gems under a single, easily recognisable brand, so the whole world can enjoy our unique lifestyle.

We hope to have you join us in writing an international success story.


We want your treasure to be found.

We are looking for destinations in our NLUX Northern Luxury network that are authentic and original, with soul and heart.

We are looking for people with a heart for service. 


Contact us and let's talk more!

Best regards, 

Hanna & Marika

Welcome to the NLUX Friends network

NLUX Friends

We bring together like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas and thoughts. Through our network, entrepreneurs can find new distribution channels for their products, partners and develop new business.

NLUX Studio

We develop visual communication, branding, products (STAY, EAT, DO, RELAX, SHOP, EVENTS) and brand awareness for small businesses through the NLUX Concept Handbook and our alliance network of creative professionals.

NLUX Agency

We represent companies in our network at sales events, build comprehensive travel packages with selected domestic travel agents and offer foreign tour operators a meaningful way to find consistent destinations for demanding client groups.

NLUX Collection

We present consumers with a holistic experience of the Nordic lifestyle in terms of products, experiences, food and destinations. Our platform is a source of inspiration before, during and after the trip.


We will present Nordic luxury under a single brand, connect people to places, products and services that match their lifestyle, and redefine the consumer experience of travel services.


Our mission is to employ small entrepreneurs, preserve cultural heritage and maintain the vitality of the countryside.


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