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Rituals and Mystique

Folk traditions from a new perspective

Traditions are not only meant to take us backwards in time, but can serve to illuminate our path into future. 

Today's witchcraft draws its vitality fromMaritime Finns, Finno-Ugric and Finnish folklore.

Back to our roots

Knowing about one's own and local roots is a formative part of a person's character, allowing us to understand why we are the way we are. 

Each of us has collected different experiences from the world around us, stored carefully in our backpacks as we journey through life. 


The beating heart of the North

A warm inn, home-caught game, and the flavours of Finland well seasoned with spices from around the world, all nestled in the cradle of Nordic witchcraft.

Traditional celebrations, hospitality and being together in high spirits. 

A Gentleman's Christmas, a Peasant's Cake

So goes the old saying. Kekri was once a celebration of the rural community, and was regarded to be of even more importance than Christmas. 

Back to our roots

Kekri juhlistetaa sadonkorjuun päättymistä ja silloin herkutellaan vastakorjatun sadon tuotteilla. 

Pöytään katettiin perinteisesti naurista, sian, lehmän tai lampaanlihaa, juustoa ja olutta. 

The biggest party of the year

Celebrating Kekri has a long history that stretches back to the Iron Age, more than 2,000 years ago.

 In the agricultural community, it was the biggest celebration of the year, and similar celebrations were celebrated all over Europe.


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