Rituals and mysticism

Folk traditions with new spices

Traditions are not meant to take us backwards, but to light our way into the future. 

Today's witchcraft drawsits vitality from the Eastern Finnish, Finno-Ugric and Finnish folklore.

Back to the roots

Knowing your own and local roots is intrinsic to human beings and opens up a huge understanding of why we are the way we are. 

Each of us has packed different spices from the world and from our own lives. 


The beating heart of the North

A warm inn, home-caught game, flavours of home with world spices, culture and the cradle of Nordic witchcraft.

Traditional festivities, hospitality and warm get-togethers in line with the annual cycle. 

Christmas of a Gentleman, a peasant's biscuit

This is the old saying. Kekri was once a celebration of the rural community, even more important than Christmas.

Back to the roots

Kekri celebrates the end of the harvest and is a time to feast on the produce of the newly harvested crops. 

The table was traditionally laid with turnips, pork, cow or lamb, cheese and beer. 

The biggest party of the year

The celebration of Kekri has a long history dating back to the Iron Age, more than 2000 years ago.

 In the farming community, it was the biggest celebration of the year, and similar celebrations were held all over Europe.


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