The blonde beauty of the North


The old village school of Virkkula invites you to fall in love with the Northern nature and its gifts, people, light, sounds, colours, cold, hot and authentic local food. 

The House of Northern Senses offers year-round experiences and moments for all your senses that the owners fell in love with when they first visited Virkkula. 

"We welcome the whole village community to join us and we also want our guests to experience something genuine and touching during their holiday.

 The House of Northern Senses offers genuine experiences and we want to take the village of Virkkula and its people on our journey."

8 well-equipped rooms for 2-3 people. Accommodation for a total of 22 people.

Boat trips, hiking, cycling and all the services of Ruka within 15 minutes

You can choose to stay with breakfast or half board. Plus a picnic lunch and a la carte.

Spa area, swimming pool, beach sauna and smoke sauna.

Ruka is a 30-minute drive from Kuusamo airport, 3 hours from Oulu and 9 hours from Helsinki.



Each of us has our own idea of what a village is. For some, the word 'village' can evoke ideas of petty living, over-controlled environments and strict standards of behaviour. For many, village brings to mind neighbourliness, community and safety.

According to one definition: 'a village is a small community of settlements forming a permanent territorial unit, consisting of farmhouses in the vicinity of each other'.

The maximum number of so-called village schools in Kuusamo in the academic year 1959-1960 was 67, which can be considered as one of the number of villages in Kuusamo. 

The House of Northern Senses is located in one of them: the old village school in Virkkula, which was for a long time Finnair's representation and recreation centre. Now the village school is open again to both villagers and visitors.


Source: municipality of Kuusamo



Experiences are made to be found and life is made to be enjoyed. Below you'll find the best tips on what the region has to offer, from dining to shopping.


Northern Senses Kitchen offers quality local and Nordic cuisine in our cosy lounges, dining rooms and terrace. 

If you want a fine dining experience, guests have the option of having a private fine dine chef or bringing their own.

Guests can also order tasty picnic meals for hiking trips or other outdoor adventures.


The House of Northern Sense concierge service is available throughout your stay. Carefully selected adventure partners offer a wide range of activities and activities throughout the Ruka region.

 The House of Northern Senses offers the perfect package when you want a stay of the highest quality, peace, service, privacy and authenticity. 


Whether you're drawn to the jets of the beach sauna, the ambience of the smoke sauna or would rather enjoy the pool and the warmth of the fireplace room in the spa.

In the sauna area you will also find quality care products.  


The House of Northern Senses offers the perfect setting for parties and meetings, but is also an ideal retreat. 

The downstairs halls can be decorated according to your needs for yoga or meditation. During the summer, you can enjoy the grassy lawn and the large beach area. In winter, a snowshoe trail around the area takes you to the great outdoors to recharge your batteries. 



The warmth of the wool, the smoothness of the bark, the softness of the sheepskin and the softness of the reindeer hair are sensations to be enjoyed both on and off the trail.



On the shores of Little Porontima, your mind is at rest, the waves are splashing or the snowflakes are floating. Enjoy every season and take part in nature's spectacle with all your senses.



In the warmth of the fireplace, the weight of the day's activities is lost and the cool water of the pool is refreshing. A world of fragrances completes the ambience.


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