Along the border river between Sweden and Finland


LappeanLohi is located on the top of the imposing cliffs, along the wild and free-flowing Tornion River, halfway between the famous Lappea Salmon Slough.

The accommodation at LappeanLohi has been renovated into personalised rooms in the former Lappea village school. The history of the village school dates back to 1921, when the Compulsory Education Act came into force in Finland.

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Salmon, gray salmon, smoked salmon, salmon soup, salmon smörrebrod, salmon burger... The list goes on and on. Lappea Salmon is also a potential place to stop for a bite to eat and not for nothing! 

In Lappea, in addition to salmon fishing, you can enjoy salmon prepared in several different ways.

12 guest houses, 3 cottages and 5 fishermen's cottages

Restaurant for 40 people, outdoor terrace and café

Salmon fishing, rafting, hiking

Beach sauna, smoke sauna and the possibility to order a lot

From Kolari railway station 30 min, from Rovaniemi 1,5 h, from Pello 45 min

"Is there anything else to do here then but fish? Yes, you can. There are plenty of woods, trails and forest roads to explore. The Laestadius Trail, an ancient route from Pajala in Sweden to Lake Sieppijärvi in Finland, starts right from this village. Along the path you will find, among other things, a lava church and a lookout tower.

In autumn you can go berry picking and in winter you can go snowshoeing and skiing. A snowmobile trail comes to the village and along it you can go for a ride to Rovaniemi, for example.

Here, life goes at its own leisurely pace, nature is close by and people have time for each other. I highly recommend that next time you're driving on Highway 21, turn left after Pello, coming from the south, onto the Väylänvarren salmon road and take a peek at what Lappea village looks like."


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Experiences are made to be found and life is made to be enjoyed. Below you'll find the best tips on what the region has to offer, from dining to shopping.


In addition to the absolute quality of the ingredients, which are produced locally, you can taste that LappenLohi's food has been made from scratch, using recipes carefully handed down from previous generations and adapted to modern times. Hospitality is also part of our family tradition: it is the hostess's pride to keep the table always set.


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LappeanLohen smoke sauna is located in a beautiful natural setting along the Tornio - Muonio river. It is a historically significant building, as after the war it served as a sauna for almost the entire village of Lappea, when no other buildings survived. 


Our private wilderness hotel in Niesalompolo offers a wonderful experience with all the facilities. 

Here you can enjoy a real taste of nature. 


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Naturally, the cleanest fells and rivers in Lapland.


LappeanLohi is located on the top of the imposing cliffs, along the wild and free-flowing Tornion River, halfway between the famous Lappea Salmon Slough.

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