The luxurious idyll of the wilderness


Gentle wilderness all around, fresh air at the top of your lungs and wonderful peace away from the hustle and bustle. Beautiful old structures tell the stories of past generations as you run your hand along the old logs.

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"Welcome to enjoy the care of the wilderness. Let our programmes take you to pure nature, a gentle smoke sauna to melt the rush, mothers to pamper you with pure local food and luxurious silence to lull you into a deep sleep."

Isokenkäisten Klubi old wall

8 double rooms, 2 Aurora Hut floating igloos, cottages and guesthouses

Wilderness trips, wild food and bear watching

The restaurant dining room seats 75 people, the café lounge 15 people and the cosy home for 15 diners.

7-star smoke sauna

42 km to Kuusamo airport, 40 km to Ruka, 850 km to Helsinki, 262 km to Oulu

"There was a birch forest in this early stage that I've never seen anywhere else. It was an old primeval forest and pure birch. But it was all stripped throughout. The branches of the oldest trees hung full of long, grey, silvery tissue, the whole forest, together with the pale canopy of foliage, glowed silver. Even the ground was white with lichen and moss. 

It was the enchanted forest of a fairy tale, in whose curves the imagination dreamed of Topelius' princesses, good fairies, helpful elves, it was a peaceful forest castle where the exhausted could fearlessly throw himself on a clean, soft mossy mattress and tilt his tired head on a berry patch, escaping the mischief of the dark corn."

Excerpt from I. K. Inha: Landscapes of Finland (1909)

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Experiences are made to be found and life is made to be enjoyed. Below you'll find the best tips on what the region has to offer, from dining to shopping.

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In addition to the absolute quality of the ingredients, which are produced locally, the food at Klubi tastes like it has been made from scratch, using recipes handed down from previous generations and adapted to modern times. Hospitality is also part of our family tradition: it is the hostess's pride to keep the table always set.

Isokenkäisten Klubi bear and birds at the reed


The sun is warming up, the days are getting longer and the bears of Kuusamo are waking up. We're in the kingdom of the woodpecker. See bears and other wild forest animals in the northern wilderness, near the eastern border and stay in a comfortable wilderness hotel or cottage. It's an experience you won't forget.

Isonkenkäisten Klubi girls in the smoke sauna RELAX


The bliss of the smoke sauna is only understood by those who have experienced it. The smell of the seven-star smoke sauna and its gentle steam leave a lasting impression. The sauna is best heated by the crisp, dry birch logs of your own forest, and heating it up is not a chore. Our smoke sauna is a great place to take a bath, pamper yourself with peat treatments and take a dip in the open air under the stars in winter, or in the clear Heikinjärvi lake in the night in summer. Afterwards, you feel impossibly good and relaxed.

Isonkenkäisten Klubi cranberry sauce


Wild Food Kuusamo Lapland is perfect for the self-starter. The nature of the Kuusamo area offers breathtaking scenery and forests filled with magical silence, where anyone is free to go, for example, to camp and pick fresh berries and mushrooms.


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"Our smoke sauna is a great place to take a bath, pamper yourself with peat treatments, refresh yourself and take a dip in the open air under the stars in winter, or in the clear Heikinjärvi lake in the night in summer." 

Katja, hostess, Isokenkäisten Klubi


"We use seasonal and local produce in our restaurant. Berries, mushrooms, fish, game. Directly from pure nature. Feel free to taste and get more. Let's reduce waste together!" 

Sirpa, the heart of the kitchen, Isokenkäisten Klubi

"The first customers were the 'big shoe' people of Finland, meaning decision-makers, politicians and other dignitaries visited the club for dinner and a sauna. 

Food was brought from our home at Kiviperä and served at home before spending the night either in the home or in a semi-tent. It was difficult to get the visitors' equipment dry in the harsh conditions, so additional facilities were needed in the scenery of Lake Heikinjärvi."


Get inspired, choose a ready-made package and make your holiday perfect.


You'll find us at the roots of Kuusamo's touching nature, on the shores of quiet and clean Lake Heikinjärvi, just a few kilometres from the Russian border.

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