Rural Manifesto

The new luxury of living in the countryside

Northern Luxury Consulting 

At the end of September 2023, 40 people with a heart for rural development gathered in Virro, led by Piritta Syrjälä and Riikka Koskinen. 

The event, called Rural Camp, was not organised by a single actor, but involved an impressive group of people with a personal interest in rural issues in addition to their work. Therefore, the feeling and love for the countryside was visible and audible.

Below you will find Northern Luxury Consulting's version of the Rural Manifesto written during the camp and 10 concrete works. The original version of the manifesto can be found on the Finnish Villages website.


Our aim is to brand rural areas as luxury and to make them an attractive option for international tourists who appreciate high quality.


Our mission is to support rural employment, preserve cultural heritage and maintain rural vitality by supporting local small tourism entrepreneurs, artisans and food producers, developing ways to rescue and develop existing building stock for service business use and finding ways to train and employ talent to meet the demands of the new luxury.

Northern Luxury Collection - authentic and original destinations

Northern Luxury Collection presents under its umbrella brand authentic and original destinations, products and services in an easy-to-buy and consume format for those seeking a Nordic lifestyle. We want to offer the traveller the opportunity to experience Nordic luxury in its most authentic form, rooted in nature.

We offer original tasting tours, cultural, historical and scenic routes. We want to create more experiential than observational tourism, understanding, feeling and insight rather than observation. We are for the traveller.

We invite the pearls of Nordic luxury tourism to join us. The entrepreneurs in our network are building a new concept of luxury with their own personalities and skills, and their world is a meeting point for aesthetic beauty, craftsmanship, tradition, a Nordic lifestyle close to nature, food made from high quality ingredients and quality services. Our entrepreneurs have enduring values and a high level of quality.

Northern Luxury Agency - travel services for businesses

Northern Luxury Agency helps companies and international tour operators find hidden gems while acting as a representative of small tourism businesses.

Most modern tourists tread the same paths, and often find it difficult to enter the reality around them. We want to offer a selection that introduces the traveller to the simplicity and beauty of the Nordic countries in the most natural way possible. 

Northern Luxury Consulting - the heart of service

At the core of Northern Luxury Consulting's business is the commercialisation of the Finnish countryside and raising the aesthetic and functional level of tourist destinations to an attractive option for international tourists seeking ecology and luxury from nature. Quality-conscious consumers who value individual luxury are constantly looking for more personalised alternatives and traditional big hotel chains do not meet the criteria of this target group.

We offer concept and interior design, styling services and a wide range of visual storytelling tools to service and tourism companies that focus on quality and a high level of customer experience. 

Our low-threshold service concept and hands-on approach speed up and streamline development, providing an idea bank based on global best practices and making it easy to build a wow effect that exceeds customer expectations. 

We appreciate your service. Let your customers fall in love. 


Welcome to enjoy Nordic luxury!