Porvoo's Most Beautiful Poem


RUNO was born from the dream of creating a top-class hotel experience that is well above the everyday, yet approachable and welcoming.

 RUNO Hotel Porvoo is an entity where every detail has been thought out and designed, respecting the old and looking for the new.

"Comfort and aesthetics contribute to well-being. That's why we made our hotel a whole, where comfort and aesthetics are present in the big picture as well as in the small details."


56 high standard 1-2 bed rooms.

Porvoo's attractions, shopping and cultural experiences at your fingertips.

Breakfast and brunch also for non-hotel guests.

Sauna and spa treatments

Porvoo is just over half an hour's drive from the centre of Helsinki, and in summer also by boat.



Our most historic building, the Valtimont House, was erected just over a hundred years ago.

 Before Valtimontalo, the area was home to Porvoo's first inn, the Astenius Inn, where the Finnish national poet J.L. Runeberg stayed when he first came to Porvoo. 

A portrait of Väinämöinen, the hero of Karelian folklore, is depicted on the roof lanterns of the later Valtimontalo.

The history of Valtimontalo and Porvoo, the culture of the area, tourism and Finnishness have encouraged and inspired us. We hope that as our guest you will experience the history of Valtimontalo and Porvoo as told by RUNO Hotel Porvoo.



Experiences are made to be found and life is made to be enjoyed. Below you'll find the best tips on what the region has to offer, from dining to shopping.


RUNO Kitchen is a modern restaurant in Porvoo that respects Finnish food traditions and local flavours. RUNO Kitchen's breakfast is an experience in itself, the delicacies of the weekend brunches are mouth-watering and the new weekend dinner reinterprets Finnish flavours and traditions.


There's plenty to see and do in Porvoo. Spend an evening in the old town and enjoy a drink at the RUNO bar. Book a day of activities together - shopping, sightseeing and tasting - and take a sauna in our attic sauna in the evening.


Well-being and good mood are part of the RUNO experience. Enjoy RUNO-Spa's care services in the attic's stunning single and double treatment rooms. As a guest of RUNO-Spa, you can also relax and unwind in the lounge areas of the attic sauna. .


RUNO is ideal for meetings, training sessions, parties and other events. The facilities are suitable for events for around 10-70 people .

It is possible to organise yoga on the day of the meeting, massage services, a boat trip, a guided city tour or a sauna evening in the hotel's cosy attic sauna.



Our design is based on the idea that our guests should experience the hotel as an approachable and enjoyable experience. Our aim has been to create a hotel experience where our guests feel at home, as if they were staying with a friend, but can fully enjoy the services of the hotel environment.



Well-being and a good mind are part of the experience. That's why we've wanted to create a soothing and relaxing environment for the mind and body, both in our hotel rooms and in our sauna and wellness services.


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