Take a moment for happiness


You know that moment when everything feels just right. The morning mist on the lake, the warmth of the beach sauna, or the end of the day when you can dive into a soft bed. The moment we need is different for everyone, but equally important.

For more than 130 years, the rectory has provided a welcoming home for friends and strangers alike. 

Now it's your turn. Breathe in the Moment and let go of the daily grind. 

Vanha Pappila Hetki
Vanha Pappila Hetki
Vanha Pappila Hetki

"...magically everything around us fell silent and suddenly it was easy to breathe. Silently our shoulders slumped and it was as if someone whispered in our ear: 'Take it easy, you're in no hurry. Just be here and now. It's all right."

This is how the Moment welcomed us, and from that moment our story began in the old rectory.

Vanha Pappila Hetki

Nine beautiful rooms and nine stunning beds to ensure a perfect night's sleep.

Take a moment to breathe or go on a hike. We have SUP boards, Ähtäri Zoo and FlowPark next door.

Our café serves mouth-watering cakes and pastries and savoury waffles.

A cosy lakeside sauna and an opening in winter.

4 hours from Helsinki, 2 hours from Tampere.


What is it?


It can be when you throw a stone into a lake and stay to watch the rippling tires on the lake's surface.

It can be when your loved one takes your hand and you see the warmth and love in their eyes.

It can be when your child wraps his arms around you and squeezes hard.

It can be when you let silence take over your mind and just stare at the horizon.

It can be when you take a piece of delicious cake in your mouth and feel all the flavours with every sense.



With warmth Kaisa and Juha

Vanha Pappila Hetki
Vanha Pappila Hetki


Experiences are made to be found and life is made to be enjoyed. Below you'll find the best tips on what the region has to offer, from dining to shopping.

Vanha Pappila Hetki


So good it makes you smile! For the best atmosphere and mouth-watering delicacies in Ähtäri, visit Hetke Café. You are warmly welcome to indulge in our sweet and savoury waffles, or enjoy a cuppa while admiring the hot lake scenery! We make all our own pastries and waffles, so quality and freshness are guaranteed!

Vanha Pappila Hetki


Old Chapel Hetke and Ähtäri have something for everyone. In addition to relaxing, you can recharge your batteries with a variety of activities. During the day, you can enjoy Ähtäri's magnificent nature, for example, or stop by to say hello to the pandas in the zoo. In the evening, Hetke's atmospheric lakeside sauna invites you for a sauna bath.

Vanha Pappila Hetki


You can admire the magnificent lake view directly from the sauna's benches, the log sauna building, pulpett roof and a good heater ensure a wonderfully gentle sauna bath. The spacious sauna can accommodate up to six people at a time and the cosy room makes for a refreshing sauna evening for a small group. What could be more refreshing than a dip in the lake in both summer and winter - we keep the pond open all winter!

Vanha Pappila Hetki


At Hetke's Little Boutique you will find unique interior design products and paints. From posters and decorative plaques to candles and bath products, Little Boutique is full of everything you could possibly want. The boutique's products have also been used to decorate rooms and the café. Come and shop or just linger in the boutique's atmosphere.

Welcome to fall in love!


Vanha Pappila Hetki


Our café's selection of cakes is second to none, the smell of pastries wakes our guests up for a new day, savoury waffles take away the little hunger and in summer, the café's offerings can be enjoyed in the Finnish summer landscape at its best. 


Our sauna is available for private use all year round. You can swim from the beach in summer and winter and the large windows overlook the lake.


How lovely it is to rest your head on a soft pillow and sink into clean sheets. Can you imagine the feeling of waking up to a breathtakingly beautiful lake view? 

Each of our rooms is unique in style and tells a story through its interior design.


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