Dangerous landscapes


Are you looking for a break from the rush, a stopover without plans, a respite from the world - or are you looking for accommodation with a real purpose?

Villa Oras is a cosy guesthouse located in the Koli National Park, with a charming courtyard and atmosphere of simplicity. Here tradition meets primitiveness, elegance meets quality - here you can be alone or make new friends.

Here you can enjoy the timelessness and peace of nature in a communal environment surrounded by log walls!

"A place is like a big lap where you can be yourself."

Accommodation in 2-5 bedded rooms, and in summer also in a cottage and communal lounge accommodation.

Koli is 6 km away along a path and all the great nature spots are within easy reach.

Self-catering breakfast and communal meals from your own supplies are available. Summer café open when possible.

Two large yoga rooms, a courtyard sauna, experience sauna services, herbal footbaths and treatments by prior reservation.

Koli is located 55 km from Joensuu, which can be reached both by plane and train. From Helsinki it takes about 6 hours by car.



Eero Järnefelt interpreted the natural landscape of Koli as an individual's mental landscape, which symbolically reflected human thoughts and moods. 

The interpretation inevitably expanded into a collective metaphor - a metaphor for the general mood. For the domestic audience, Koli was a "true Finnish landscape", which crystallised, in the words of art historian Onni Okkonen, "sacred beauty" and "the monumentality of nature". 

The interpretation of the patriotic and political significance of the landscape is also strongly linked to the Koli themes. For foreign audiences, the landscape represented the exoticism of foreign peoples.


Yle's living archive. Koli. Great - famous, 1943. 




Experiences are made to be found and life is made to be enjoyed. Below you'll find the best tips on what the region has to offer, from dining to shopping.


Villa ORA's does not serve traditional breakfasts, lunches or dinners, but allows guests to dine communally according to their needs and desires. In the mornings, the guests gather in the kitchen, tempted by freshly brewed coffee, and set the table with a selection of delicacies from the fridge.

Catering is agreed separately with the groups, but even then, the aim is to keep the atmosphere of working together and a homely atmosphere.


Koli's national landscapes provide a great setting for nature hiking all year round. However, Villa ORA's is something much more. It is a spiritual journey and offers a safe haven to calm down and rest. 

The guest house welcomes adult travellers and wants to offer a complete relaxation experience. Rest is our best activity and silence is the healing power. 


Villa ORA's offers its guests the chance to live without the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, time stands still and as you walk through the garden, memories of grandma's house flood back to you on the sauna path. 

The experience sauna service and the Tarina-Aho sauna world, open in summer, will tempt you for a day trip.


The skilled hands of the inn's hostess make linen linen and bath towels, among other things. In the villa's own shop, you'll also find products and handicrafts from local producers that you'll love even after your trip and that will make you want to return to the peace of the log walls.



Surrender to nature and enjoy every bit of weather and atmosphere. In a national landscape, thoughts take new paths.



The winter in Koli is magical and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The majestic trees frame the landscape in a fairytale that will leave an everlasting mark on your heart.


Here you can do everything you can't do at home anymore. Go back to your roots, enjoy the asceticism and let your senses open up to something new.


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