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Savutuvan Apaja wedding couple in the evening sun

Savutuvan Apaja

Savutuvan Apaja is a unique, scenic, traditional Central Finnish landscape on the shores of the Päijänne lake, which brings the visitor into a world of its own for a moment. Hospitality is vital to us - we will help you organise your event with a big heart.

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LappeanLohi is located on the top of the imposing cliffs, along the wild and free-flowing Tornion River, halfway between the famous Lappea Salmon Slough.

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Isokenkäisten Klubi cook food over an open fire EAT

Isokenkäisten Klubi

Gentle wilderness all around, fresh air at the top of your lungs and wonderful peace away from the hustle and bustle. Beautiful old buildings tell the stories of past generations as you run your hand along the old logs.

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The sense of community and hospitality will really make you feel at home in the traditional rural landscape.

Local expertise exudes an authentic lifestyle that you'll want to immerse yourself in for a while. The changing seasons and seasonal patterns envelop you in the diversity of nature.


Back to basics, we return to the middle of the cycle of life. 

When you sink your hands into the soil, you feel your roots are here, even if your wings are somewhere far away. 


Here you will experience ecological luxury and a charming rural romanticism. 

Gather berries in the palm of your hand and enjoy healthy flavours from nature, straight to the table. 

Dive into the adventure of the local forest and cycle along the cornfields. Relax in the quiet twilight of the pier with a shimmering onki by your side.